Social Skills Group for Middle Schoolers

Social Skills Group for Middle Schoolers

Brief Description

Social skills are the abilities and competencies we use to navigate the social world. These skills tell us how to act and what to say in particular social situations. With strong social skills, adolescents can more easily build friendships, get along with others, work collaboratively in groups, handle frustrations, and have an overall improved quality of life. While some adolescents learn social skills from observing and interacting with those around them, many do not. They might struggle to develop friendships, have difficulty working in partners or groups, experience challenges in following directions, act in ways perceived as rude or mean, or misread the social cues of others. To these adolescents, the social world is confusing and challenging. Throughout this 8-week group, adolescents will learn and practice several social skills, such as starting a conversation, staying on topic, asking great questions, making comments, using positive self-talk, sharing, body language, and so much more. If your child is having difficulty interacting with others or making friends, this group will provide him/her with the skills and confidence to interact more appropriately and with ease.

Who Should Attend

This group is ideal for adolescents, ages 11-14, who are struggling with social interactions and making friendships.


This group is currently forming and does not have a set date or time. Once enough individuals are interested, a date and time will be set. This group will be one and a half hours in length and be held on a weekly basis for a total of 8 weeks.

How to Enroll

Please contact me for a brief consultation, either via email or telephone. Prior to official enrollment, we will schedule an individual, initial session to make sure this program is a great fit for you.